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Do I have to pay a fee to submit on this site?

No, open submission is free.

I was selected by a Curator to submit my film. Can I submit it on this site?

Yes! Please make sure to put the Curator code on your form when completing. If you are unsure of the code, Please contact your Curator directly for more info.

How will Creators get paid?

Our priority is to support our filmmakers and BIPOC community. That is why 70% of our subscription revenue goes to our village of Content Creators.

Do I need an agent or distributor to submit my film?

No. Our whole mission is to not have any gatekeepers. Spora provides an easy way for filmmakers to submit their work.

Do I have to be an award winner to submit?

No. Our team knows the hardships of getting visibility for independent projects for BIPOC creators. We have been behind some of the top films and productions of our generation, and yet struggle to get our own personal projects greenlighted, or they are funded then shelved. Our goal is to put our resources together to help promote all films, not just the ones with a Big Name Star.

Can I submit to one of your competitions on this page?

No, this page is not for contests, competitions, or grant awards. You must apply directly on the contest page. This page is specifically for Curators and open submissions throughout the year. Stay tuned for specific contest information. If you would like to enter one of our upcoming film competitions, please subscribe to our newsletter to be notified.

Can I submit a work in progress or scripts?

No,we are only accepting completed final versions.

I am a student filmmaker. Is my film eligible for Spora?

Spora welcomes student films and filmmakers.

Are you accepting Dance Films or Productions?

Yes. Spora has a special category for Dance, Jazz, and Tap Dance films and/or theatrical productions.

Our goal is to not limit the spectrum of storytelling. We have an abundance of Dancers/ Choreographers on our Curation team and look forward to sharing more Dance Films and theatrical productions with the world.

I made a mistake on my entry form. Can I get back in to change it?

Once you have submitted an entry form, you can no longer make changes yourself. Simply send an e-mail to, and we will correct the information in our database.

How many films/ series can I submit?

You can submit as many projects as you would like.

I worked in a film, but didn’t produce or direct it; can I submit? I was the director, but not the producer, or vice versa, can I submit on my own?

No. If it is not your film, it is advisable to submit the film only after you’ve received written permission from those who own the legal rights to the film.

Do I need subtitles for foreign language films?

All foreign-language films must be submitted with English subtitles. All projects that contain significant non-English dialogue must include on-screen English subtitles at the time of submission. A translated list of dialogue submitted digitally or on paper will not suffice. Please do not send us an un-subtitled foreign-language project with the intention of providing a subtitled version later.

If your project is mostly in English and you wish to intentionally leave out subtitles for any non-English dialogue included, as an artistic choice, you do not need to provide subtitles for those sections.

Please ensure that all subtitles are hardcoded to your video file as opposed to including discreet subtitles that need to be turned on in order to display on the screen.

May I submit my project as a rough cut?

No. We are only accepting final completed versions of films/ series. We will not be accepting projects with incomplete or temporary sound, missing scenes, missing credits or titles, unfinished VFX, etc.

Please make sure that you are submitting the final version of your content.

Am I required to obtain rights clearance for trademarked or copyrighted material?

You must license or obtain permission from the appropriate legal rightsholder for any and all trademarked and/or copyrighted materials included in your project. If your submitted project contains unlicensed or uncleared materials, it is the responsibility of the owner or owners of the project to license, clear, or otherwise replace these materials before submitting.

In the event the project is accepted for the Network, Spora will not be held responsible for ensuring that you have obtained licensing rights or other clearance for these materials at any point during the submission process, nor will we be held responsible for the inclusion of unlicensed or uncleared trademarked or copyrighted materials held within the final version of your project. It is the sole responsibility of the entity or entities claiming ownership of the submitted project to secure licensing and/or permission from the trademark or copyright holders of the material in question. This includes music, stock images/footage, or any other elements that could violate an existing legal trademark or copyright.

By submitting the application you are stating that all materials contained within the project do not violate any existing trademark or copyright.

When will the Network launch?

For up to date information about the launch, please subscribe to our newsletter.

How will I be notified?

Preselected films or Curated selections will receive an email once everything is processed. Unsolicited submissions that have been approved will receive an invitation letter. Please make sure the email address associated with your submission remains active throughout the submission process.

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